[dwc-mixs] DwC-A Extension roadmap

Tim Robertson trobertson at gbif.org
Tue May 11 11:03:10 UTC 2021

Hi all,

We discussed the outstanding DwC-A extension questions with Pier and have a proposed way forward.
The motivation here is to keep the scope of the TG well-defined, and to progress exploratory activities that complement the work here.

1. Create a MIxS specific DwC-A Extension
- Within the TDWG github
- Containing only the fields of MIxS not covered by DwC
- We will maintain a SSSOM mapping for the "covered" terms
- This extension will be the reference showcasing the use of DwC and MIxS within a DwC-A for the report
- Expected that TDWG / GSC will commit to maintain this with future changes in standards
2. GBIF create an additional DNA extension
- In the GBIF schema repository (rs.gbif.org)
- based on the MIxS Extension, but bringing in the additional terms necessary to satisfy the exchange needs of the GBIF/OBIS network
- Documented in the description that it extends the MIxS one with a link
- GBIF/OBIS progress with early adopters in data exchange, to be referred to in the report as a “case study” / example of use
3. Consider documenting other formats in the report
- Ideas include the Frictionless Data, W3C CSV approach including a conversion to RDF

Please say if you have any comments or concerns, otherwise we’ll work through this in the coming weeks.

Many thanks,
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