[dwc-material-sample] Diagrams posted in the Material Sample Wiki

Stan Blum stanblum at gmail.com
Mon Oct 11 18:47:37 UTC 2021

Greetings All,

I uploaded some diagrams into the Material Sample Wiki
<https://github.com/tdwg/material-sample/wiki>.  This was my most extensive
trial of using a GitHub wiki, and unfortunately it looks to me like
GitHub wikis have some limitations that might prove frustrating for us:

   1. GitHub wiki pages can only load an image from a URL, so I had to
   upload all my diagrams to the <>Code part of the repo and insert links to
   them on the wiki page.
   2. Only people with write permissions on the repository can upload
   diagrams to the repository (as a file under code). Everyone on our "team"
   (21) has write permissions, but every writing action might need a pull
   request / approval (cumbersome).
   3. The listing of wiki "Pages" on the right-hand sidebar has no
   structure; you have to make an alternative _sidebar for the wiki, where you
   can use markdown to create a hierarchical structure, and you have to insert
   text and link to each wiki page.  (A bit tedious.)

I created wiki pages for the diagrams I uploaded, and used the page to
describe the diagram and discuss the points represented.  (I'm continuing
to refine the descriptions, so feel free to ask questions, challenge
assertions, or propose alternatives.)

It might be easier to do this sort of open collaboration on a Google Drive
folder where we can load images, make documents describing them, and people
can make comments on highlighted text, suggest edits, etc.

Last, I'd like to point people to the *Drawio app*
<https://app.diagrams.net/>, which is what I used to make these diagrams.
It's free, and pretty efficient for making lots of different kinds of
diagrams.  That app can be used as a browser plugin with the diagram file
stored in the cloud or locally, or you can download the app to your local
machine to do the same. For sharing, you can export the diagram as a PNG
file that actually contains the vector graphics for the drawing. That makes
it both displayable on the web and editable by other people using the app.

I also activated the "*Discussions*" feature of the repository.  Comments
on some of the "Issues" have become very extensive and wide ranging.  They
address more topics than the original issue, and I expect will prove hard
to manage.  These might be more easily managed in "Discussions".

Next up (I think), is to post some Use Cases, Proposals, and Competency
Tests, or maybe just start by asking questions or making comments in the
Discussion section.


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