[tdwg] Job Offer / Biodiversity informatics software developper

olivier rovellotti olivier_rovellotti at natural-solutions.eu
Wed Feb 21 14:35:55 UTC 2018

Dear Friends 


I would like to inform you that Natural Solutions is looking to fill a
position in Marseille for a Python/Java Script developer
<http://www.natural-solutions.eu/cdi-developpeur-marseille>  with a strong
knowledge of the TDWG standards.

Natural Solutions is an IT consulting firm specialized in Biodiversity
Informatics developing mobile and web tools for data collection and

The position is based in France and French would be appreciated but not an
absolute requirement.


Kind regards to all.


Rovellotti Olivier

Tel : 06 09 57 66 53

Twitter : @orovellotti <https://twitter.com/orovellotti>  


www.ecoBalade.fr <http://www.ecobalade.fr/> 

www.natural-solutions.eu <http://www.natural-solutions.eu/> 


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