[tdwg] RDA/TDWG attribution metadata interest group

Anne Thessen annethessen at gmail.com
Tue Sep 26 17:19:43 UTC 2017

Hello all

I apologize, but I completely dropped the ball on the next meeting of 
the RDA/TDWG attribution metadata interest group. We don't have a 
scheduled meeting for this group, but it is important that we make 
progress. So, I suggest we hold an informal gathering some time next 
week. Looking at the schedule, Sunday evening, any lunch, and Tues or 
Wed evening would be good times. If you are interested in attending (see 
for a description of the group) please respond to me saying so and 
listing times that you could attend an informal meeting.

Thank you and apologies!

Anne E. Thessen, Ph.D.
The Data Detektiv, Owner and Founder
Ronin Institute, Research Scholar

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