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Lee Belbin

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From: Gary Rosenberg [mailto:rosenberg at ansp.org] 
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Subject: Database job


Hi Lee,


I don't know if you've heard that the Academy of Natural Sciences is looking
for a biodversity database manager. The ad was posted on taxacom, but some
TDWG members might not have seen it. Could you circulating the link to the
TDWG distribution list? 



People can contact me if they have questions about the position.


Best wishes,

Gary Rosenberg




Gary Rosenberg, Ph.D. 
Pilsbry Chair of Malacology

Academy of Natural Sciences 
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Phone: 215-299-1033, Fax: 215-299-1170
Email: rosenberg at ansp.org

http:///www.malacolog.org/ <http://www.malacolog.org/> 


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