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Shorthouse, David dps1 at ualberta.ca
Sun Sep 30 05:45:19 CEST 2007

Now that GBIF is releasing lots of cool web services (thanks to Dave Martin,
Tim Robertson, and others) and similar web services can be found in other
organizations, ought we consider a www.programmableweb.com knock-off called
something like www.programmablebiodiversity.org? This way, we can have a
user-driven repository / show-and-tell for useful applications that can be
built for the wider biodiversity informatics community. At the very least,
this will provide some positive feedback for providers who can then point to
examples of how the data can be used, mashed-up, or otherwise repurposed in
imaginative ways. Plus, this could be like a communal grab-bag of tricks for
organizations like EOL. If anyone wants to take the initiative on this, I'll
most certainly contribute.


The kinds of things I am thinking of are Rod Page's iSpecies
(http://ispecies.org) or my temporary, development knock-off using nothing
but JSON (http://ispiders.blogspot.com/2007/09/ispecies-clone.html), or
Rod's bioGUID reference parser and my simple way to tap into this in
real-time (http://tinyurl.com/ytqxo6), PygmyBrowse
(http://dx.doi.org/10.1145/1125451.1125562), etc.


Along the same sort of lines, the TDWG link to its "Biodiversity Projects of
the World" is buried under "Activities". Shouldn't this be front and center
on the TDWG homepage?




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