[tdwg] Interesting example of tree navigation

Shorthouse, David dps1 at ualberta.ca
Fri Sep 14 05:05:58 CEST 2007

> > As Rod suggested, this is pretty old news.
> This begs the question:  has this style of user-interface failed to catch
> more widely because of:
> 1) Technological limitations;
> 2) Insufficient creativity and inspiration; or
> 3) Insufficient usability?
> I'm tempted to eliminate #3 on the grounds that I don't think this style
> UI has been widespread enough to have been subjected to, and then failed,
> some sort of usability meta-experiment.
> This is not to say that it won't ultimately fail such a meta-experiment --
> just that it hasn't really had a chance to fail it yet.
> Rich

[David Shorthouse wrote:] 
I agree with Rich on this one. The problem with most of these solutions is
that they have been built using Java. Thus, the steep learning curve (#1)
does little for accelerating widespread use and tinkering (#2). Flash/Flex,
though not open source, has the greatest penetration of any browser plug-in.
If I had to put my money somewhere, that's where I'd concentrate my efforts.
What we need is a platform upon which creative developers can "plug into" in
a fashion similar to how Drupal developers create modules. A few
competitions and a very simple, online IDE to create exports for rapid reuse
would help ;)~

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