[tdwg] Interesting example of tree navigation

Richard Pyle deepreef at bishopmuseum.org
Thu Sep 13 22:42:55 CEST 2007

WOW!!  Very slick!!!  EoL should be all over this!
I would say the whole page is a useful model -- not just the tree part (by
which I assume you meant the "Project Process" tile). The whole approach to
organizing and presenting (i.e., zoom & pan) information is wonderful!  It
took a little "getting-used-to", but once I got the hang of it, I really
liked it.
I gather that it's Flash? (I mean in the Macromedia/Adobe sense ... I
already know it's "Flash" in the slang sense.)
A little sluggish -- but well worth it, I think.


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This is not only a fascinating website in general, but in one spot has a
quite novel - not perfect, but nicely innovative - interaction model for a
tree of information.  Does a decent job of both showing the overview of
information available and offering more information at various levels, in
context, in response to interaction. 


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