[tdwg] Taxi from Vienna Airport to Bratislava (Arriving Saturday 14 September)

Dave Roberts workpackage6 at googlemail.com
Thu Sep 13 12:45:14 CEST 2007

Dear Yde & Rich,

I get in on the BA flight from London scheduled to land at 13:15.  If  
you can hang around for a bit we can travel together: I'd appreciate  
it as my first visit to either Vienna or Bratislava.

Cheers,  Dave

PS Rich, if no one else has said, my guidebook says the standard  
European 2-pin plug delivering 220V 50Hz.

On 12 Sep 2007, at 09:49, Yde de Jong wrote:

> Dear Rich,
> I will arrive at Vienna at Sunday 12:45, September 16th.
> If you wish you can join me from Vienna to Bratislava. Probably I  
> will take the EuroLine bus, which is working fine and cheap  
> (already took it twice). The only disadvantage could be some  
> waiting time. At Bratislava we have to take a taxi from the bus  
> station to our hotels.
> If we have a small group we could also share a small shuttle bus,  
> however, it could be tricky to make this appointment because of  
> possible (serious) delayed flights.
> Kind regards,
> Yde
>> My turn for some "disambiguation":
>> I actually arrive Sunday, Sept 16th -- not Sept 15th as I said in  
>> my original email.  I was confused because I leave Hawaii on the  
>> 14th. I didn't realize that I have to endure TWO over-night  
>> flights....
>> Thanks to Kevin Richards for pointing out my error, and sorry for  
>> any confusion I may have caused!
>> Bob -- I guess this means you are arriving Saturday the 15th (not  
>> 14th).
>> I take full blame...
>> Rich
>> To remove ambiguity: I arrive on Saturday September 14 in Vienna  
>> from Atlanta, arriving 10:05 am and seek to share shuttle taxi. I  
>> am going to Hotel #16, but I think the hotels are mostly near each  
>> other.
>> On 9/10/07, Bob Morris  
>> <<mailto:morris.bob at gmail.com>morris.bob at gmail.com> wrote:
>> I am on the same flight on Saturday, Sept 14 so also looking for  
>> sharing. Otherwise, I will probably take the train (14 euro from  
>> Wien Sudbahnhof) or perhaps bus from the airport.
>>  It looks like there are prearranged shuttles from the airport for  
>> about 58 euro for up to four people. <http:// 
>> www.bratislavahotels.com/vienna-airport-shuttle-bratislava>http:// 
>> www.bratislavahotels.com/vienna-airport-shuttle-bratislava.
>> On 9/10/07, Richard Pyle  
>> <<mailto:deepreef at bishopmuseum.org>deepreef at bishopmuseum.org> wrote:
>> Hi All,
>> I'm just now sorting out how I'm going to get from the Vienna  
>> airport to the
>> Bratislava (<http://www.tdwg.org/conference2007/housingtravel/ 
>> travel/> http://www.tdwg.org/conference2007/housingtravel/ 
>> travel/ ), and I
>> think I'm just going to book a Taxi.  I'm writing this note now to  
>> find out:
>> 1) Whether anyone arriving at about the same time at Vienna  
>> airport would be
>> interested in sharing a taxi ride with me; or
>> 2) Whether anyone arriving at about the same time at Vienna  
>> airport who has
>> already booked a taxi would be interested in having me share it  
>> with them.
>> I arrive on Sunday (15 Sept) at 10:05am on Delta flight 40.  I  
>> don't mind
>> hanging around the airport for a few hours to synch up with others  
>> arriving
>> later in the day, but I would like to get to Bratislava in time to  
>> attend
>> the Literature interest group meeting at 14:30.
>> Thanks in advance,
>> Aloha,
>> Rich
>> P.S. Anyone know what style of electical outlet they have in  
>> Bratislava?
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