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Marten Winter marten.winter at ufz.de
Tue Feb 27 10:44:15 CET 2007

Dear TDWG members,

We?d like to invite experts of any kind of expertise on alien species 
(e.g. distribution, data collections, policy, taxonomy etc.) to this 

*European Alien Species Expertise Registry at* _www.europe-aliens.org_ 

·       Join one of the largest expertise registries

·       Use the information on nearly 1500 experts from 89 countries for 
more than 2800 taxa

·       100-300 visits per day on our webpage

Within the EU project DAISIE the European Alien Species Expertise 
Registry collects the expertise of experts for species that are actually 
alien in Europe or may become so. Thus, unlike its title, we want to 
gather the expertise of experts from all over the world, since species 
alien to Europe arrive from throughout the world.
The expertise registry contains details for individual experts with 
respect to taxonomic expertise, geographic units, and thematic areas 
(such as distribution, conservation, restoration, ecology, economical 
impact, genetics, legislation, administration, management, control, 
pathways, transportation, physiology, and risk assessment).
One of our purposes is to evaluate where areas of taxonomic expertise 
need to be developed.  This large registry is also of considerable value 
when searching for expertise and for making contacts world-wide. The 
DAISIE registry is open to the public, for governmental bodies and for 
Please take the time to register at _www.europe-aliens.org_ 
<http://www.europe-aliens.org/>, then click on Alien Species Expertise 

The registry is self explanatory, and it will take only 5 minutes. We 
would be grateful if you could forward this message to other experts 
potentially interested in joining this registry.

Thank you very much,
kind regards,
Marten Winter

*Marten Winter*



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*DAISIE* - Delivering Alien Invasive Species Inventories for Europe 
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Das UFZ hat einen neuen Namen:

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The UFZ has a new name:

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