TDWG Subgroup: Observation-based monitoring of biological organisms

Steve Kelling stk2 at CORNELL.EDU
Tue Sep 6 12:13:17 CEST 2005

Dear All,

At the 2004 TDWG meeting in Christchurch NZ, a new subgroup was formed to
explore avenues that incorporate observation-based monitoring of biological
organisms data into existing federation mechanisms of the bioinformatics
community. Our goal is to develop methods that facilitate interoperability
with existing metadata standards, external portals, and data harvesting
structures, without loosing the inherent value of these data.

A potential outcome of this subgroup is to develop a rich description
standard for observational and monitoring data. For this to occur the
standard must be extensible to allow the incorporation of a diversity of
data types. Furthermore, the standard should incorporate variables from
more general resource discovery standards (e.g. from Dublin Core or Darwin

Background information on the observational data subgroup may be found at:

At the Christchurch meeting a number of TDWG'ers expressed interest in
helping with our efforts to integrate observational data into TDWG, and we
will have a subgroup meeting at this year's TDWG meeting in St. Petersburg.
For those of you that are able to attend this year's meeting and are
interested in our efforts, you are very welcome to attend the subgroup
meeting. If you are interested in helping with the observational data
subgroup but  are unable to attend the St Petersburg meeting, please let me
know and I will updated on our efforts.

All comments are welcome,

Steve Kelling
Director of Information Sciences
Cornell Lab of Ornithology
607-254-2478 (work)
607-342-1029 (cell)

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