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Dennis DeGreve editor at PHYLOINFORMATICS.ORG
Wed Aug 27 09:34:31 CEST 2003

Phyloinformatics: new journal - call for papers - editors wanted -

Dear taxonomist,

Phyloinformatics is a new, non-profit, international, peer reviewed,
open access journal dedicated to publishing high quality papers on the
use of informatics in taxonomy and phylogenetics. Taxonomist often need
to manage fairly large amounts of data for which elegant solutions are
needed. And the inference of phylogeny itself is impossible without the
use of computers and optimized algorithms.

To help this emerging field of taxonomy grow, we have started
Phyloinformatics. Phyloinformatics is not a regular journal: it's only
available online and it's open access. Phyloinformatics offers all
published papers as a free PDF download, there are no subscription or
login procedures for readers and no page charges for authors. But open
access means more than just free: our authors remain the copyright
holders of their work.
Being an online journal has lots of advantages: papers can be published
very fast and are available to anyone with a computer and internet

Phyloinformatics is just starting now and we are looking for high
quality manuscripts in one of the following two categories:

- Papers
Describing new research developments in computational taxonomy, for
example: new evolutionary models, algorithms, software involving new
methods, taxonomic databases, proposals for new file formats and
network information services, and their impact on taxonomy.

- Application Notes
Short descriptions about new software or new algorithm implementations,
databases and network services. The software or data should be
available online as free- or donationware.

We are planning to publish our first articles before the end of 2003.
Visit our site for more information on manuscript submission

We are looking for senior taxonomists with experience in the field of
phylogenetic analysis and/or taxonomic databases who would like to join
the editorial board. Just send an e-mail to editor at
The editorial board will be announced on our website soon.

Apologies for any cross-postings.

Dennis DeGreve
Editor Phyloinformatics
editor at

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