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Niels Klazenga Niels.Klazenga at rbg.vic.gov.au
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Dear all,
Not sure if this is appropriate use of this list, but I don't know where else to go. I was hoping I could prevail on someone to help me find out how to use extensions in the IPT provider for data from an SQL database, without creating duplicate rows in the core file or empty rows (apart from the core ID) in the extension file(s). I think I tried everything, but I must be overlooking something.
I found this, http://lists.gbif.org/pipermail/ipt/2013-October/000545.html, during my googling for an answer, which I think has the solution, but I can't work out how to implement it, as my IPT installation doesn't seem to let me create a mapping to just an extension and only lets me use one data mapping source for any resource.

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