[tdwg-content] Darwin Core: proposed news terms for expressing sample data

Éamonn Ó Tuama [GBIF] eotuama at gbif.org
Tue Aug 19 14:11:10 CEST 2014

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GBIF is committed to exploring ways in which the IPT and Darwin Core Archive
format can be extended for publishing sample-based data sets. In association
with the EU BON project [1], a customised version of the IPT [2] has been
deployed to test this using a special type of Darwin Core Archive in which
the core is an “Event” with associated taxon occurrences in an “Occurrence”


The Darwin Core vocabulary already provides a rich set of terms with many
relevant for describing sample-based data. Synthesising several sources of
input (GBIF organised workshop on sample data, May 2013 [3], discussions on
the TDWG mailing list in late 2013; internal discussion among EU BON project
partners), five new terms relating to sample data were identified as
essential. The complete model including these new terms are fully described
with examples in the online document “Publishing sample data using the GBIF
IPT” [4].


As a first step towards ratification, we would like to register the new
terms in the DwC Google Code tracker [5] if there are no major objections on
this list. The five terms are:


1.      quantity: the number or enumeration value of the quantityType (e.g.,
individuals, biomass, biovolume, BraunBlanquetScale) per samplingUnit or a
percentage measure recorded for the sample.


2.      quantityType: :  the entity being referred to by quantity, e.g.,
individuals, biomass, %species, scale type.


3.      samplingGeometry: an indication of what kind of space was sampled;
select from point, line, area or volume.


4.      samplingUnit: the unit of measurement used for reporting the
quantity in the sample, e.g., minute, hour, day, metre, metre^2, metre^3.
It is combined with quantity and quantityType to provide the complete
measurement, e.g., 9 individuals per day,  4 biomass-gm per metre^2.


5.      eventSeriesID: an identifier for a set of events that are associated
in some way, e.g., a monitoring series; may be a global unique identifier or
an identifier specific to the series.



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[1] http://eubon.eu 

[2] http://eubon-ipt.gbif.org 


[4]  <http://links.gbif.org/sample_data_model>

[5] https://code.google.com/p/darwincore/issues/list 





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