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Hello All,

Just another reminder that the deadline for the VertNet Undergraduate
Summer Internship is this FRIDAY, January 11th, 11:59pm PST.



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On Wed, Oct 17, 2012 at 10:28 AM, Russell, Laura <larussell at ku.edu> wrote:

>   *Call for Applications*
>   *VertNet Undergraduate Internship*
>  *VertNet is pleased to announce the VertNet Undergraduate Internship,
> scheduled for the Summer of 2013.  This internship is an opportunity for
> two undergraduate students to gain valuable training and practical
> experience in biodiversity informatics, biodiversity research and
> systematics, and museum collection management.
> Two internship positions are available; one at the University of
> California, Berkeley, and one at the University of Colorado in Boulder.
>  Internships will not exceed three months (12 weeks) and will include
> participation in VertNet’s Biodiversity Informatics Training Workshop in
> Boulder, Colorado, on June 24-28 (http://vertnet.org/about/BITW.php)<http://vertnet.org/about/BITW.php).>,
> as a part of the Interns’ training.
> Who should apply?
> We welcome applications from eligible student from within the United
> States and U.S. Territories interested in pursuing a biodiversity
> informatics project while exploring the practice of science as conducted at
> a natural history museum.  Undergraduate students and students preparing to
> graduate in Spring 2013 are eligible to apply.  We are interested in
> individuals who are self-motivated and can apply new tools and data
> resources creatively to questions of biodiversity, which may be in ecology,
> conservation, geography, evolutionary biology, environmental science,
> computer science, museums, or library and information science.
> Interns will work with the VertNet project team of experienced museum
> curators, researchers, and informaticists, as well as individuals from
> VertNet integration partners, such as AmphibiaWeb, Animal Diversity Web,
> and EOL, to design and conduct a research project that synthesizes and
> analyzes data from multiple biodiversity resources.  These projects can be
> informatics-based, writing code and programming novel ways to analyze or
> display these kinds of data, or they can be biologically-focused, using
> data to answer questions about species diversity, ecology, evolution, or
> distributions. The internship will emphasize the creation, use, and
> analysis of aggregated biodiversity data from VertNet, and other sites, for
> research and data improvement and the contribution of data back to these
> sites.  We expect research project to focus on assembling species dataset
> for use in spatial ecological modeling or global change biology.  We are,
> however, open to other research topics and foci.  Projects do not need to
> be fully realized at the time of application.
> Publication of the results from the internship is encouraged and will be
> supported by the VertNet team.  Publication may take the form of web-based
> species accounts for VertNet integration partners, georeferencing species
> occurrence data, open-source software, or collaborations on other
> scientific publications.
> VertNet Project Team members (http://vertnet.org/about/team.php<http://vertnet.org/about/team.php)>)
> at CU Boulder include Robert Guralnick and Javier Otegui.  Team members at
> UC Berkeley include Carla Cicero, Carol Spencer, Michelle Koo, David Bloom,
> John Wieczorek, and  Aaron Steele. In addition to individual research
> project mentors, Interns will work with members of the VertNet Project Team
> and possibly other museum staff at both institutions to learn about daily
> operations of museum, and how those local activities tie into the larger
> perspective of global informatics.
> At the end of the internship, participants should have:
>    1. an understanding of the evolution of, and the workflows within, a
>    research project;
>    2. basic skills and experience using data repositories, biodiversity
>    informatics and analytic tools, and an understanding of which tools are
>    appropriate for specific tasks;
>    3. an understanding of the operation and maintenance of a natural
>    history collection;
>    4. knowledge of the abundant biodiversity resources and additional
>    training available to them.
> Workshop Selection and Support
> Acceptance to the VertNet Undergraduate Internship is a competitive,
> nation-wide process and is limited to two (2) participants; one at UC
> Berkeley and one at CU Boulder.  All applications materials and
> recommendations must be received by 11:59pm PT on January 11, 2013 for
> consideration.  Accepted participants will be notified in March 2013.
> Individuals selected to participate will be considered full time employees
> of their respective institutions and paid at the monthly rate of $3150
> (CUBoulder)/$3300 (UCBerkeley).  Interns will receive additional support to
> cover costs during the workshop for travel between Berkeley and Boulder and
> accommodations and per diem (when in residence at the secondary
> institution).  Interns will be responsible for their own travel to and from
> the internship and accommodations and daily needs while in residence at the
> primary institution.  Support is available to help find accommodations in
> both locations.
> Application materials are available at <http://vertnet.org/about/BITW.php>
> http://www.vertnet.org/about/Internship.php.  Submit all application
> materials online (http://www.vertnet.org/about/Internshipapplication.php)
> or send all completed materials and one letter of recommendation to
> dbloom at vertnet.org.*
>  Laura Russell
> VertNet Programmer
> VertNet
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> 1345 Jayhawk Blvd.
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> Lawrence, KS 66045
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> Fax: +01 785 864-5335
>  email: larussell at vertnet.org
> email: larussell at ku.edu
>  Skype: laura.anne.russell
> Gchat: larussell at vertnet.org
>  url: www.vertnet.org
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