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Ke Chung Kim kck at psu.edu
Thu Apr 28 18:29:47 CEST 2011

Dear Steve:

Thanks for getting us information on the tdwg-content via email 
discussion.  I am a taxonomist/systematist working with diverse 
insects and for the last two decades have been actively involved in 
biodiversity issues, specifically insect biodiversity.  Although I 
have not followed your continued discussion on the issue last fall, I 
thought I should raise several points on individual, population and 
species in the context of the tdwg-contents: DwC for the semantic web.

I am impressed with enthusiasm and dedication of the tdwg for 
biodiversity informatics.  Assuming your focus is primarily in the 
taxonomic context, your effort related to bio-informatics has a 
considerable impact on the issues related to biodiversity 
homogenization and biodiversity assessment.  This involves the first 
detection and establishment of invasive species that is expressed in 
terms of individual (specimen), population, or species related to 
location of discovery/detection and establishment of population in 
specific habitat unit.  Similarly, biodiversity assessment involves 
the defined spatial unit and community structure and assemblage that 
consists of individuals and population of resident species that could 
be small numbers to several hundreds of species.  I have not seen any 
discussion on the application of your effort under tdwg, although you 
may have already dealt with these issues of application for your work 
through your discussion.  I would like to know the position of your 
group on these application for your current discussion on 
hand.  Thanks for your response.

K. C. Kim
Ke Chung Kim, Ph. D., Dipl.-ABFE
Professor Emeritus and Curator
Department of Entomology,
Frost Entomological Museum, 127 Headhouse #3;
Tel: 814-863-2863; Fax: 814-865-3048 (ENT);
Director Emeritus, Center for BioDiversity Research
PSIEE, Land and Water Research Bldg.,
Pennsylvania State University,
University Park, PA 16802, U.S.A.;
Tel: 814-863-0159; Fax: 814-865-3378 (PSIEE)
Home: 213 Morningside Circle, State college, PA 16803-1347
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Founding Chair, Board of the DMZ Forum, Inc., NY
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