[tdwg-ncd] Re: Terminology version 2

Ruud Altenburg ruud at eti.uva.nl
Tue Jul 17 15:51:36 CEST 2007

Hallo all,

> we havent finally decided yet I believe. Or have we?

As the latest schema involved changes to the properties themselves,  
preferably I would like to see these determined ASAP. The terms can  
be added later, that's no problem.

> if you use the ISO codes that is kind of language independant I  
> would say. And wouldnt it be enough to use ISO 639-1 only? do we  
> really need dialects, british vs american english etc?

For languages possibly that would be the case, although probably not  
everybody would associate e.g. 'deu' with German ;) But even if we  
stick to 'just' 185 languages, it is impossible to translate the  
terminology Excel document to all those languages...

And if I may add another question: how should I interpret the  
TaxonCoverageStrength, CommonNameCoverageStrength, etc properties  
exactly? In the schema as displayed by Oxygen they seem completely  
synonymous with TaxonCoverage, CommonNameCoverage, etc.



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